Moo Moo's Steaks

All steaks cooked blue, rare, medium-rare, medium or medium-well,
(NB. Australian Steak will not be cooked wel don)

Choose your sauce: chunky mushroom, creamy garlic, black pepper, chilli relish,
Jack Daniels BBQ or Beef Jus
Choose your potato: golden fries, jacket potato or mashed potato
Choose your greens: fresh salad with ranch, coleslaw or seasonal vegetables

Local Steaks

Imported Steaks

Serious Steaks

Top your Steaks

T-Bone Challenge

Local Steaks

Cheesy herb bread

Eye Fillet (200gr) - Rp 119,000

This is one of the tenderest cuts of meat. It has a fine texture and mellow in flavour

Fillet mignon (200gr) - Rp 129,000

This big flavour from the tenderloin is wrapped in bacon and cooked to your liking


Rib Eye (200gr) - Rp 129,000

Tender thick cut that melts in your mouth, sourced from Bali's best beef

Imported Steaks

Prime Rump Australian - Rp 129,000 (200 gr) / RP 199,000 (400 gr)

This centre cut meat is an Australia Fauvorite - Tender with a Robust Flavour

Sirlion New Zealand - Rp 149,000 (200 gr) / Rp 249,000 (400 gr)

Known for its richness – sweet, tender and moist


"Aussie" Rump Australia - Rp 149,000 (200gr) / Rp 229,000 (400 gr)

This centre cur of meat is an Australia Favourite - Tender with a Robust Flavour
Tender Aussie Rump, topped with Runny Fried Egg and Bacon

Rib Fillet Australia - Rp 169,000 (200gr) / Rp 269,000 (400 gr)

Full bodied, succulent prime rib fillet.
This 120 days grain fed beef has been aged to exceed eating expectations


T Bone Australia - Rp 249,000 (400 gr)

Enjoy two steaks in one - an on-the-loin tender filler and a flavoursome porterhouse.
An added feature of this steak is that the bone itself imparts a rich flavour.

Cheesy herb bread


"1824" OP Rib on the Bone (400gr) Australian - Rp 299,000

From Australia’s best beef producer. Full Bodied, succulent prime rib
fillet on the bone to lock in moisture, served with jacket potato, corn and veges
NB - Please allow minimum 30 minutes cooking time

Surf and Turf - New Zealand Riverland
Rp 219,000 (200 gr) / Rp 319,000 (400 gr)

Australian Sirloin (200gr or 400 gr), topped with grilled Snapper fillet and grilled prawns
and smothered in creamy garlic Sauce, grilled corn and Fries & steamed veges

Moo Moo’s Mix Grill - Rp 269,000

For the hungry Australian rump 200gr, Bacon, Beef Sausage, Pork ribs, smothered in
smokey BBQ sauce, grilled corn and Fries & steamed veges

Moo Moo’s Share Platter - Rp 269,000

Great for 2 people Sliced Australian rump 200gr, Pork ribs 300gr, Coconut Prawns 2,
J.D. Chicken tenders 2 served with smokey BBQ sauce, sweet chilli sauce, fries & salad


Salt & Pepper Calamari - Rp 29,000

Grilled Prawns - Rp 39,000

Coconut Crumb Prawns - Rp 39,000
Chicken Tenders - Rp 29,000

Smokey BBQ Ribs - Rp 49,000

Fried Egg - Rp 15,000


Buffalo Wings - Rp 29,000


BBQ Corn - Rp 19,000

Beer battered Onion Rings - Rp 19,000

Caramelised Onions - Rp 10,000

Add sauce - Rp 10,000

Bacon - Rp 15,000

Moo Moo's T-Bone Challenge


"1 Kilo T-BONE" Challenge 2016

served with jacket potato, season veges, corn, and sauce of you choice


Eat it in under 30 minutes
and get free T-shirt, certificate & your name on Honour Board

Rp 399.000 * (conditions apply)

NB - Please allow minimum 30 minutes cooking time

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