Indonesian Food

Soto Ayam - Rp 39,000

Chicken, clear Indonesian broth, leek, cabbage, celery, glass noodles, tomato


Nasi Goreng - Rp 59,000

Balinese fried rice, chicken, seasonal vegetables, fried egg, chicken sate & prawn crackers

Mie Goreng

Fried noodle, chicken/beef, vegetables, fried egg & prawn crackers - Rp 59,000
OR why not try
fried noodle, prawns or seafood, vegetables, fried egg, prawn crackers - Rp 79,000

Traditional Sate

Skewered beef/chicken, traditional peanut sauce, Balinese grown rice - Rp 69,000


Gado Gado - Rp 59,000

Peanut sauce, long bean, tofu, boiled egg, spinach, white cabbage, bean sprout, carrot,
prawn crackers


Balinese Curry

A traditional curry marinated in coconut milk, onion, garlic, lemon grass,
red chili, ginger, kinder nut and chef’s secret ingredient
Chicken or Fish - Rp 69,000 / Prawn or Mixed Seafood - Rp 99,000


Beef Rendang - Rp 79,000

Beef tenderloin pieces in a light, aromaticly spiced Balinese curry.
Served with hearty vegetables and rice


Nasi Campur - Rp 79,000

Mixes traditional dish, chicken sate, beef rendang, Bali spiced grilled fish, rice,
vegetable with shredded coconut & sambal